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Nice sound effect and nice animation but, i gave you 4 stars because it has loud voice on end, and it need to have better design and more work, and you need to know one thing, this is not minecraft :D, there are no blocky heads... :DDD! Anyway its cool!

ShaeGuy responds:

I just want to point out that everybody in this animation are my good friends on the internet, and these are their avatars. So that's why one of them has a square head. And even then, not everything in a shape of a square is a reference to Minecraft. With that being said, I appreciate the review. Thanks. :)

Nice animation! Its smooth and good design, but can be little bit longer! I advice you that you can make more episodes with more characters! You will get more views and more votes for that. You know that everyone loves when there is serial with episodes... Keep it doing!

9Sticks responds:

We've got characters lined up for our animations so stay tuned and you'll definitely see more of that

Nice movie, but try to improve its graphics, make sky to be with stars or something...

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I know that you can do more than that! Improve graphics and everything will be good! Good music choices also...

Karmakosm responds:

I did a little touching up on it... made rooms a little easier to view. Changed a few main sprites. I swear... I'm not good at pixel art.. (especially yet) so I have to let the music and other stuff. I would call it a 1.5 percent upgrade, but when I make my next game I'm going to want probably an artist to feed me sprites and help out because its really time consuming even to get the shitty art I made even decent enough for me to put on the screen. =) Thanks for the review =P

I really enjoyed it, but one thing is wrong, the sound. It's little bit... horrible? Or it isn't correct word... But this ranking system made me to play this game more and more! Try to change just sound effects, and it will be for rating 5.

I think that game is good, but on my computer the game froze at frame "What we do now?" . Maybe it's error on mine computer, but i don't know. 5 from me for art! Keep doing your job, you will be good game maker, and one more question... Did you use game engine or programming language to make this?

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