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Posted by L-55 - August 9th, 2016

Well, it all started before three days, one girl that I love so much (@DJMissHeart) started using Newgrounds. I am so proud! She is really making good songs, some of them are better than mine! And today, she got scouted :D!!

You should visit her!

Don't forget to follow her on Newgrounds, and subscribe her on YouTube, that means a lot for her. When she is happy, I am happy :).



Posted by L-55 - December 20th, 2015



      "Hey, it's something there!" said Tim.

Tim was at disco party with his friends, Michael, John, and Julian. He saw something  in the cold storage. It looked like a box... He was scared what is it, and he called his friends to come. But no one came. Tim decided to do that alone.

      "Michael, John? Julian? Please, come! Please!" said Tim while trying to open the box.

     After few minutes of trying he decided to break the box and see what is there, and he needed a hammer or something hard to use. He was searching on the stage, backstage, and he went to the basement to see is there any tool that may help him.

      "Tim, why are you so curious? The box isn't that important as our party!" said John.

But Tim didn't give up. He was trying everything, and finally he opened it.

     "Hey guys! I opened it!" said Tim happily. But no one didn't care.

     Tim was little bit disappointed, because there were only papers, papers and papers... He also saw a document titled 'The Rules'. There was written 'Me, Mr. Brown, agree all the rules and the terms about opening disco club in Stamford, and if something bad happen, this place will be closed and turned into a house.'

     Tim was little bit surprised to see that, after a lot of documents about studios , the kids centre and more, he saw an interesting mask. Mask  looked like a man that smiled. That brought some happiness to Tim.  After few minutes, the doors of the room where the box and Tim was, closed. And suddenly lights turned off. Tim tried to open doors but they were locked. He was shouting:

     "Please! Friends! Help me! Help me! Help me..."   but music was too loud, and no one heard him.

     He decided to sleep. After few minutes music turned off, and voice of  his friends gone. Disco club became cold, really cold... Then after some hours, parents of Tim came to see where he is.  But they didn't find him. They called Mr. Brown, or better, the owner of  the disco club, and they requested to tell them where their son is. 

     "I really don't know, you know how kids are, he is maybe joking with you..." said Mr. Brown nervously.

     Tim's parents didn't know that their son is in the cold room, frozen, and half-dead because of coldness. So they called the police. Next day, the police came and first thing that they checked was the cold storage. When they opened it, there was absolutely nothing to see. Just a frozen wooden stand with a mask on it. The police closed doors of cold storage. 

    "Nope, your son is not there! Did you check his friends? " police asked calmly.                       "Yes, my wife checked that, only thing that they said is that he saw a box and he closed doors of cold storage." said Tim's dad.

     Mr. Brown then, needed to close the disco club until the police find Tim. Tim's parents went to psychologist to calm down. After a month, the police didn't find him, and Mr. Brown gave up. He did same as 'The Rules' said. Mr. Brown fully destroyed it, but not cold storage and few rooms, and made a house for living, but he lost his job. But one day he got a message from his brother, titled 'Invite'. 

     "Hi there, it's me, your brother Stoongward or better Stoong Brown. Want good bussines? I have a hotel for you to manage. You will be owner, i will be receptionist."

     Normally,  Mr. Brown accepted the invite. He came to the hotel and he was happy to see his brother again. A great bussines started. Sometimes they may get in trouble because of the guests, but its ok!



     One year passed since Mr. Brown got his job of  the owner. His brother Stoongward (Stoong) built 10 rooms, and a Theatre for the guests. The Hotel had 2 floors. The first floor is receptionist floor, and the second is 'Rooms Hallway'. One day, Mr. Brown got a message from the police that they didn't find the missing kid, and that Mr. Brown need to come back for additional inspection.

He want back to the Uffington where his disco club , and now his house was.  After that, no one from Stamford heard Mr. Brown again. Stoong needed to decorate and tidy the hotel, but there was no Mr. Brown to help him. 

For the first month of the hotel work, the hotel had 5-7 guests. But Stoong didn't have profit from that. He made few decorations that may bring guests to the hotel, but it didn't success.

     "Umm... Can i see the owner of this hotel please?" said one guest to Stoong

Stoong actually didn't know where Stoong is now, and he didn't know his phone number. 

     "Sorry, but no. He is not there at this moment." said Stoong 

So, nobody actually knew Mr. Brown. He became a mystery. Meanwhile, Mr. Brown was found by the police in his house...

     "Wake up Mr. Brown, we found you!" said the police.

After some investigation, the police found that Mr. Brown is not guilty for missing kid, Tim. But Mr. Brown didn't want to go back to the hotel. Stoong, the receptionist, gave job to few people, so he will don't work alone.

     2 months later, the receptionist got a interesting gift from the man in Uffington. He knew that it was Mr. Brown. The receptionist opened the gift and saw a beatiful mask on a wooden stand. He placed it in 'Rooms Hallway' where rooms of guests are. After that, hotel became popular. It got 20 new guests, but there was not enough rooms for them, so the receptionist decided to sell some useless things and get the money to make the rooms.

And he did it. Hotel got 35 new rooms with good furniture. The guests were really happy to see new rooms! There were older and younger guests. The other people who worked there as the helpers were doing job very well.

     "You have very good helpers" said Michael, the oldest guest there from the hotel. He had 85 years.

      "The music is always good! Good job!" said Julian, he was the old guest too! He had 79 years.

     "I love this disco cl... i mean i love this hotel, you know." said John, the youngest there.

But one bad thing happened, one guest reported his room because he says that he saw a ghost.

     "I saw it! I swear! I will get out of there, i dont want any problems... Do you understand that? For you it's better to call the owner and ask him what was that or i will call the police" said one guest nervously and he left the hotel with his briefcase.

Next day, the receptionist tried to get the phone number of Mr. Brown, but unsuccessfully. He was little bit scared for the hotel, and he decided to check a guest's room. It was little bit interesting for the receptionist to see that face of mask on a wooden stand "changed", it was not smiling anymore. But he thought that maybe guests were playing with it, and they drew a sad face on it.

Then he went to the Hotel Theatre to see is something missing. Nothing changed, but it was little cold there. He ignored that and he backed to the his office.

About month passed, and the hotel became less popular than before. But, one day at midnight, the receptionist heard a very scary screan from the place where the mask was, and he called the police. The police searched the hotel and found out that a guest was killed. Mr. Brown finally came back to the hotel because he heard from someone that the murder happened there.

     "We need to close this hotel because of the possibility for killer to back" said the police.

They investigated for days and months, but they didn't find the killer. Only because of that, the hotel became closed.

Mr. Brown and Stoongward, also known as the receptionist, needed to sell furniture and interesting things to get enough money to live in a bigger city.

     "Hey Brown, umm... Do you think that we can sell this?" Stoongward asked calmly.

     "Nope... But we can just try!" said Mr. Brown.

     "Only thing that we sold was the mask" said Stoongward.

     "Yes... I know that, i hope that Smith will use it better than us, he has a big film studio... But he hasn't opened it yet..." said Mr. Brown.

     "Wait... Brown, it think that you have a house in Uffington?" Stoongward asked.

     "I had... But i needed to sell it to someone because of the missing kid... I sold it to William, he is good person" said Mr. Brown.

     "So we can now only wait." said Stoongward sadly.

After some hours, Stoongward's uncle invited him and Mr. Brown to live in his house for a short time.

     "Thanks god! Finally someone to help us" said Mr. Brown.

     "Yes..." said Stoongward nervously.

     "Why are you worried? We have place to live until we got a good job!" said Mr. Brown.

And they went to him.



     After closing the hotel, Mr. Smith was the man who bought the mask on a wooden stand while collecting random interesting thing for his future film studio. He was the owner of it, and he is very good at maintaining it.  His friend Paul helped him to make the studio very good.

     "Where did you get that mask? It looks like it's crying!" said Paul.

     "I bought it from a man who was owner of the hotel in Stamford..." said Mr. Smith

     "So where will you use it? I mean, no one wants it... Put it back in the gift box" said Paul

     "Ok... I will put this in the basement, but when i need it, i will use it" said Mr. Smith.

     "Good luck with that... I need to go!" said Paul.

Before opening, Mr. Smith needed to verify the studio. He went to the 'The Film-studios Verification Centre' and asked for verification.

     "Good evening, i'm Mr. Smith, the owner of the future film studio. I need verification, so i can open my studio. Here are the photos." said Mr. Smith , then he showed his photos of the studio.

A group of workers there came to the Mr. Smith's studio to check is everything ok with it. He did it well. First thing that he did after that was hiring nightguard.

     "Hm... Why do you need nightguard? It's not important." said Paul when he came back.

     "Who are you to say that? I am the owner of this studio! You are nothing!" said Mr. Smith.

     "I just wanted to help you Smith..." said Paul sadly.

     "I don't need help!" said Mr. Smith.

Paul went out of there, and Mr. Smith finally found someone who will do job of a nightguard. It was Timothy. Mr. Smith got information from him that Timothy knows Mr. Smith and Stoongward personally.

     "How do you know him?" said Mr. Smith.

     "I was guest there in the hotel, then i needed to it because i saw a ghost there in my room. Stoongward didn't wanted to call the owner but i found him. " said Timothy.

     "Oh great! Now start your job! I'm coming torrow somewhere at 7AM, ok?" Mr. Smith asked.

     "Ok sir!" Timothy answered.

Timothy was doing job very good. The his first night of working there gone very good. Mr. Smith was proud at him. But next night, Timothy heard strange sounds from the basement where the box and a mask are. He ignored them. But when the sounds became louder Timothy said:

      "Helloo? Who is there?"

He was really scared, but he needed to see what is it because he wanted to be better paid for his job. When Timothy went into the basement, he didn't hear sounds anymore. But, something strong grabbed him into the darkness. Timothy was screaming "Help!" but no one heard... He died.

Mr. Smith came back to see how is Timothy going, but he didn't see him. He thought that Timothy lied him and runned away. So, he hired another nightguard, called Timmy. Timmy was actually lazier than Timothy, but he was doing the job good.

     "Timmy, it's all on you now. Be good nightguard, and you will get a lot of money" said Mr. Smith while hiring Timmy.

 When Timmy started his job, problems started. He heard the sounds from the basement too.  But Timmy didn't go there. He wanted to be safe! But his safety gone bad. Something grabbed Timmy into the dark and killed him. When Mr. Smith came, he was surprised to see that Timmy is not there, he checked the basement and he saw a two dead bodies on floor. Mr. Smith scared a lot, but his life ended there. He got a heart attack.

Two days later

     The police heard what happened and they entered the studio to see where is Mr. Smith, but they found three dead bodies. From that moment, the studio never opened. The police called demonlishers to destroy a whole place.

     "You know that it is really confusing... A lot of  kills in last 3 years... Come on!" said the policeman John.

     "I know, but don't count 1975, you know why... " said George (the policeman too)

     "Oh yes, he thinks that this is real.." said John

     "Yeah, it's all in his mind..." said George, and they both walked away.

The investigation is not canceled, the police is still trying to figure out who killed Mr. Smith and two nightguards.


After a year of a investigation, the police finally found something!  The police said that there was a digital temperature meter, with a temperature camera. They found it in the demonlished studio and inserted a Micro-CD into a laptop. 

     "Hey Mike, look video is still there!" said John.

     "I see... Let's open it!" said Mike. 

But the video was corrupted. Only thing that is still here is the audio track. When they opened it they heard:

     "Timothy: Helloo? Who is there? ... (pause) ... ??: help me... please... i'm locked there... Timothy: Nooooo.. whaaat (scream)."

Mike was surprised, he tried to figure out who was person defined as "??". As John and Mike heard, it was asking for help. John knew what is going on but he didn't want to tell to anybody.

     "Hmm.. John, do you know what is it? It was asking for help.." Mike asked.

     "I really don't know what is it. We can check the basement again, i think it's still there... because it's underground!" John said nervously.

     "Yes... I remember that there was a mask on a wooden stand there... Maybe someone is behind it?" asked Mike.

     "You think that it's a ghost? Don't joke Mike, this is not cartoon, or a dream!"  John said.

     "We can always check it, so let's go!" Mike said.

And they went there, the basement was still there, but the mask was not there. John looked little happy with that...

     "I said! There can't be ghosts!" said John

     "Ok.. Ok.. you won... But we can't back to the police station without additional investigation!" said Mike.

     "Just go!" said John

The investigation went really bad, they didn't find the killer, and the police has only audio track, and nothing more. John and Mike returned to the police station, and first person who they met was the director.

     "Ohoho! Hello John and Mike! Did you found the killer?" said the director.

     "Ummm, yes! But it's not a person.." said John

     "What?!?" said the director.

     "They all got a heart attack because of coldness" said John

The director trusted them. He went back to his job. Mystery is not solved yet... For now...

The House 1977.


"Help me please... help me... it's cold... please...  i will die here..."

William didn't notice these sounds because he was in the kitchen. Meanwhile, the postman came again. When William opened the door he was surprised to see him again.

     "What do you want now? You already ruined everything!" angry William said

     "You must tell him that the party is not over, his friends are still here, it's all in his mind... Wake up!" the postman said.

     "What are you talking about? Oh.. And... Why i hear strange voice of a kid in my bedroom?"  William asked

     "That's you Tim. We all know that it's you. Wake up! Everything here is not real... You must wake up!" the postman said.

     "What?!?! Do you want me to call the police?" William asked.

     "This is Tim's, you can't to anything" the postman said.

     "So what are you then?" William asked.

     "I'm 40566957, you will need that code later, Tim." the postman said

     "Wait, first, who is Tim? And why are you calling me Tim?" William asked

     "You are not Tim, we are Tim." the postman said.

     "What do you want to say?" William asked

     "Isn't it weird? A lot of kills in the past 3 years! And the police can't find the killer?" the postman said

     "Yes... it is..." William said

The postman entered William's bedroom. He said:

     "This door... Is door of cold storage in disco club! We sleep there." the postman said.

William walked in, and only sound that he heard was sound of the postman's voice and the voice from the safe room. When he walked in, the postman opened doors and showed William the mask on a wooden stand.

     "Do you know what is this and why i gave you this?" the postman asked.

     "Nope. I don't know why you gave me this" William said.

     "This is the killer. This is "the mind". He caused hallucinations. I gave you this because you are the only person who can wake him up, you are his father, William." said the postman

Then William shouted very very very loud, louder than the sound when he sees a spider. He shouted:


     "Finally!" said the postman, and he runned away.

1975. Location: disco club (Uffington)

     "Whoaah" said Tim in the cold storage of the disco club

 In that moment, Tim was in cold storage, and the box was closed, it was unlocked and opened. It was cold there. His friends were calling him to go back to the party.

      "Hey Tim, you slept for a long time! You know, it was cold there, you may get sick!" said John.

      "It's time to go home! The party ended!" said Mr. Brown, the owner of disco club.

     "Hey Mr. Brown!" Tim said.

     "What do you need Tim?" Mr. Brown answers

     "I dreamed you, you were the owner of the hotel, and you were with Stoongward, your brother aaand.." Tim was speaking but Mr. Brown said:

     "Some things are best to be left forgotten. For now."


The End    

Posted by L-55 - December 18th, 2015



























































Posted by L-55 - October 24th, 2015

So hello! This is first version of Saturday News. Here you can hear everything about new released content on my page and art.

First i need to give a huge thanks to my partners:

@Ciullo-Corporation    - Best animations with cool art, they have official website: http://ciullocorporation.altervista.org/

@Jo - Jo-B, or better Jo, is good text writter and translator from German to English. Useful for websites and games.

(Website coming soon)

If you dont know i got a new website: It has a Agair.IO on it and Chat Room for everyone! And an interesting... Secret Room V.3.0 that has something that you need to guess...


Today, 24/10/2015 i made new art, Grass Platform in Full HD (bigger than Full HD because Aspect Ratio). It can be used for games with additional credit in your project.

Link to Grass Platform (Full HD): http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/l-55/grass-platform-full-hd

Thank you!

Posted by L-55 - October 21st, 2015


Posted by L-55 - October 3rd, 2015



Also if you want to use my songs:

To get license click here!

Read text down!

When you want to get license, and if you opened website, on right side of page there is form where you have 4 boxes.

  • Name: Here you need to enter your name or nickname or maybe an username on NG
  • Your Email: Here you need to enter your email, so i can send you a license.txt file to you
  • Project Commercial/Non-Commercial: Here you need to answer Yes if its Commercial and No if it isnt. Any other words will be denied.
  • Message: Here you need to type for what you will use your project, is this project game, or movie. And sending me a link to it when its finished.



Posted by L-55 - August 31st, 2015

Yuuup! I added a possibilty to my new webpage to send direct emails with license requests.

To get license click here!

Read Me!

When you want to get license, and if you opened website, on right side of page there is form where you have 4 boxes.

  1. Name: Here you need to enter your name or nickname or maybe an username on NG
  2. Your Email: Here you need to enter your email, so i can send you a license.txt file to you
  3. Project Commercial/Non-Commercial: Here you need to answer Yes if its Commercial and No if it isnt. Any other words will be denied.
  4. Message: Here you need to type for what you will use your project, is this project game, or movie. And sending me a link to it when its finished.




Posted by L-55 - August 30th, 2015

The Show ended...

There is no one that can help you, and you are not afraid of darkness, i see... But are you ready for him? Are you ready for project L.I.T.H.I.U.M.? Yuuuuup, new song is coming :3.



L.I.T.H.I.U.M. stands for Lithium's Invulnerable Terrorific Iron Ultimate Monster.


Posted by L-55 - August 27th, 2015

After The End of Show released, darkness came into Newgrounds. It is unknown what it will be... Are you afraid of dark?


Posted by L-55 - August 20th, 2015

@Jo-B (Ok, but it doesnt work with Jo :) ), @dogo7, @Ciullio-Corporation , @WolfMarkovich , @everyone

After a long time of being a part of Newgrounds Audio portal for this year, its time to say goodbye, there is only one song left that i will upload on 24th August, its on you to guess song name :(. Now im being a part of Game Portal, mwhahahhah, prepeare for show, this is The End of Show for music making.


For now...